Tuesday, 15 August 2017

A brief introduction and index of stories

in loving memory


a collection of stories

inspired by the cemeteries of Otago

and further afield

First, I guess I should apologise for the times I will get things wrong.  If I do, please let me know.  I guess I should also apologise if it seems I have less respect than is due to those I write about.  I hope that's not the case.  The last thing I want to do is offend those connected personally to dead people I've never met.  It's my intention to tell the stories of  people's lives rather than, or perhaps as well as, their deaths.  And some of the stories I've found are not respectable.

I'd like to thank the sources I'm using to find and illustrate my stories.  Papers Past is my main source.  I could not be doing this with out the many, many thousands of stories made available on their site.  The online collections of historic photos made available by the Hocken Library and Te Papa have helped put an image to a story.

The Auckland Museum online cenotaph has been invaluable for getting the facts right when it comes to those who have served in New Zealand's armed forces.

The various council databases of cemetery records have also been immensely useful.  And I should thank those who, paid or not, keep their local cemeteries in such good condition.

Surveyor-General William Thomson Neill, (1866-1943) whose 1922 map of the coastal Dunedin area is a masterpiece of cartography.

Great respect to the journalists, now gone, who wrote the original stories and turned my local cemeteries into repositories of lives led, mistakes made, sons lost to war.


NAME/S                                                        STORY TITLE                        PLACE OF REST                                                                                                                             OR COMMEMORATION

CAMPBELL, Thomas Hey                          "Dear little Thomas"          Southern Cemetery

COCHRANE, John                                       A "a well respected             Hampden
                                                                      substantial cockatoo"

GLEGG, Helen                                             "an illegal operation"          Northern Cemetery

GOURLEY, Hugh Johnstone, PO               "failed to eject"                     Southern Cemetery

GRANT, Ian William, Ord. Sman               "Make way for the                Northern Cemetery
                                                                          Digger flag!"

JENKINS, Thomas                                       Killed at the waterfall           Green Island

KEMP, John Richard, PO                            Defiant Pilot                          Hampden

MCPHEE, Agatha                                       A Shocking Tragedy              Southern Cemetery

REID, James Stuart, BA, Lt.                       "British blood tells                Northern Cemetery
                                                                     on land or sea"

SLATTERY, Edmond (Ned)                        Shining with the Shiner         Andersons Bay

STOREY, James                                          A Crimean Storey                  Waitati

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