Wednesday 23 August 2017

"Dear little Thomas," Thomas Hey Campbell, 1922-27/9/1931.

Dear little Thomas, loved by all.

In loving memory of...Dear Little Thomas...beloved son of...Thomas and Kate Campbell...27th Aug 1931...Aged 9 years...Loved by all...Also William Walter Hey...Accidentally killed 24th August 1919

Roslyn Mills aerial view - National Library photo

Thomas Hey Campbell lived at Newport St in Belleknowes, Dunedin.  He loved to play around the water supply ponds at the Roslyn Woollen Mills, which held the water used for washing and dying their product.  He fell of the top of the dam and into the water.

The dam at the Roslyn Mill - National Library photo

And William Hey, accidentally killed - he was in a taxi on his way to a funeral in Oamaru when the vehicle left the road on the Katiki Beach section.  The car flipped and William was killed instantly.  No cause was found for the accident.  I assume that William was Dear little Thomas' uncle.

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