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Waterfalls of Dunedin

The Waterfalls of Dunedin
One of the many privileges of living in Dunedin is the great variety of wild places very close to town.  Of Dunedin's many waterfalls, some are only a few minutes' walk.  If you want to see all five on Nicols Creek, though, you'll need all day and a change of clothes at the end of it.
There is one waterfall not on this page, the one on the track from Bethunes Gully to the top of Mt Cargill.  I went for a photo in heavy rain a few years ago.  The photos I took were just of a shapeless mass of light brown water.  Next time...
Nicols Fall, Leith Valley

Nicols Falls, during the 2015 flood.

Nicols Creek, 2nd waterfall
Nicols Creek, 3rd waterfall.  There was once a footbridge over the top of these falls, taking a track up to the next waterfall
Nicols Creek, 4th Waterfall
Fourth waterfall, National Library Photo

Nicols Creek, the "Cups and Saucers."
The "Cups and Saucers," Hocken Library Photo.
Nicols Creek, the 5th waterfall.

Nicols Creek, the 5th waterfall, from a nearby track.

 Ross creek, artificial waterfall from the reservoir bypass race, during the flood of 2015

Ross Creek, beside the old Pineapple Track
Stereoscopic view from the Hocken Library

Branch of Lindsays Creek, Bethunes Gully

Morrisons Burn, Leith Valley, artificial (though may have been one previously) old 1909 water supply intake.

Another view of the 1909 intake.

Morrisons Burn, Leith Valley, above the 1909 intake.

Morissons Burn, Leith Valley, "Bruce and Lyalls Falls."

Evansdale Creek, near Evansdale Glen.
Leishmans Falls, Silverstream Valley

Craiglowan Falls, McQuilkans Creek, Silverstream Valley

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